Project background & contact
Database of type material of lichen basionyms/names of lichen taxa
based on material from the Czech Republic
Presentation of results of the two grant projects: first project (IAA600050712 funded by the Grant Agency of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic) was focused on the taxonomic rank of a species, second one (DF12P01OVV025 funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic) was focused on infraspecific taxa.

Database includes also names of taxa where holotype or syntypes were collected in other countries but only paratype was collected in the present territory of the Czech Republic. Parasitic/paraysymbiont taxa are also included as well as taxa originally described as lichens but later classified as non-lichenized taxa.

The database includes:
- basionym
- citation
- evaluation of a corresponding type material with its accommodation and number
- linking to correct name
- additional notes (nomenclatural revision, corrections of prior type evaluation, lectotypification, type material in an exsiccate etc.)
- documentation

The documentation comprises
- protologue
- label (name, locality, date, collector)
- photograph of specimen
- detail of specimen

The database includes a type material found in major Czech herbaria (PRM, PRC, PRA, BRNM, BRNU, OLM) as well as in selected herbaria abroad (B, BM, BP, BRA, BREM, HBG, L, M, O, S, UPS, W, WRSL) . Further new data will be filled up in successive steps. Any contribution, additional records on type material from the Czech Republic not included, or other additions and/or corrections will be acknowledged (liska@ibot.cas.cz).

We thank Z. Pouzar, J. Štěpánek, Z. Kaplan and K. Marhold for their help with nomenclature problems. Our thanks are due also to staff of herbaria: L. Kirschnerová, D. Lančová (both PRA), J. Kocourková, L. Edrová and F. Bouda (all PRM), D. Svoboda (PRC), H. Sipman (B), N. Ibanez (BC), H. Thüs (BM), L. Lõkös (BP), I. Kautmanová and D. Sláviková (both BRA), F. Rodrigues (BREM), S. Kubešová (BRNM), J. Danihelka (BRNU), T. Feuerer (HBG), G. Thijsse and Roxali Bijmoer (both L), A. Beck (M), E. Timdal (O), M. Kyselová (OLM), M. Hannede and J. Klackenberg (both S), A. Nordin (UPS), A. Igersheim (W), M. Halama (WRSL). Photos of specimens from BREM herbarium were kindly provided by the Übersee-Museum, Bremen and some specimens from UPS herbarium were kindly provided by the Museum of Evolution, Uppsala University.

Technological equipment
Sinar camera with digital lenses 90mm and 150mm was used for macrophotography. The SinarBack 54H sensor with 4-shot capability for perfect colours yields the combination of the large 38.8 mm x 50.0 mm optical format (4:3 ratio) with 4080 x 5440 pixels with an edge length of 9/1000 mm. This allows to achieve the maximum resolution (more than 22 million pixels). Connection with Mac G5 computer is facillitated by fast firewire interface. and have been edited in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.0 (DNG format) and Adobe Photoshop CS5. Photographs are stored in TIFF format as well as in two JPEG formats (the smaller one is used for the database, a higher resolution is available for possible publication on request). All photos are calibrated using X-Rite standard.
Photos were performed by Michal Hladík.

J. Liska, Z. Palice
Institute of Botany
CZ-25243 Pruhonice
J. Liska, (email): liska@ibot.cas.cz